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Target Pests

  • Scorpions 
  • Crickets & Roaches 
  • Bed bug control and eradication
  • Crawling insect prevention and control

Bee and Ant Removal

No one likes the ant that shows up to the picnic or a bee in your bonnet; we can help.  Affordable rates for bee and ant removal and treatment.  


We offer Interior & Exterior Scorpion Treatment Services and Black Light Services.  


We’ll inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems.  We’ll treat the perimeter of your home, remove all accessible spiderwebs etc, and use the safest methods available.  


The Valley's varied and diverse commercial properties range from resorts, hotels and other vacation venues to government facilities and schools.  We can spray your commercial property!

No Hidden fees, Competitive Pricing

We aim to provide high quality services at the lowest possible prices. We deliver our low-cost services without the hassle of hidden fees, contracts or 'add-on' costs. We value our customers! That is why we do not charge start-up fees for new pest control services.  When we give you a quote, that's the price you pay.  

About Us

Family Owned & Operated

We are a family owned and operated business.   Our belief is that if by putting our customers first, our success will follow. Working for friends and neighbors has built our business. It may sound like a small goal, to put our customers first, but we believe that it is the only goal that should be first for any service company. When the service is good, the customers are great. Without great customers, we would not be able to have a business that provides great service and takes care of our employees in a way that we are proud of.  Thank you Valley of the Sun for allowing us to be your neighborhood pest control company.

Licensed and Insured

Licsened by the Pest Management Division of the Arizona Department of Agriculture and Insured.

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